Record Store Week Begins Today!!!

Record Store Day is one of the few holidays I truly celebrate. I came to it late, as I do most things, but I’ve cherished every one. So, this week I’ll be reminiscing about some of the official Record Store Day purchases I’ve made over the past couple years.

Initially I was unsure about picking up this release. I am a pretty big fan of The Killers, but “Spaceman” isn’t my favorite song by them. And the idea of Brandon Flowers covering Bright Eyes fantastic “Four Winds” was more of a morbid curiosity than something I really wanted to check out. But, when I looked into those beautiful eyes, I lost control. My wallet opened faster than a Tijuana hooker at a frat party!

I’m a fan of picture discs on the whole. I wish I had a whole collection of just picture discs.

The version of “Four Winds” that plays as the B-side to “Spaceman” isn’t terrible. And it is, irrefutably, The Killers take on the song. I’ve listened to this record enough times to know that it isn’t the best thing The Killers are putting out, but it also isn’t the worst (that remains forever their first single, “Somebody Told Me”, which almost completely turned me off to the band before I ever gave them a chance).

I like it enough to keep it, but not enough to really recommend it. Of course, with the internet you can just go download a torrent and get the song for free if you really wanted to. If you’re curious, you should do just that.

To make this a bit more fun for everyone, why not leave a comment about your least favorite cover song. I’ll start: The version of “Two-Headed Boy” that Dresden Dolls did for The AV Club last year is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever heard in my life.

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