Abigail Washburn-City of Refuge

Abigail Washburn-City of Refuge

Today is my day off. I’ve been sitting around doing not much of anything, but I’m trying to not waste the whole day away. I’ve been listening to a lot of things lately, but I return to this album by Abigail Washburn more than most others.

An Illinois native who plays the banjo and sings songs like the 20th century never occurred, she puts a spell over the listener that takes them back to the good ol’ days.

Anyone that knows me relatively well knows that I’m a sucker for appalachian hillsongs. My dear friends in Chaperone were the first to find out, when I made mention of it in my interview with them in the ladies room at Subterranean. I’ve referenced the movie Songcatcher a few too many times for a normal person (regardless of how much they love Aidan Quinn) and probably gave Emmy Rossum some points in acting ability that she didn’t really deserve (RE: Day After Tomorrow). But the movie does capture a certain something about the music and the people in those appalachian communities that I really enjoy.

City of Refuge has a lot going for it. If you enjoy rootsy Americana, I really think you would love this record. It’s a little short, but it has at least four songs that I think are great, and the rest are all really good. I missed the live show when it came through Chicago a couple weeks ago, which is a shame as she was playing just two blocks from where I live. Oh well, next show will be hit for sure.

In the meantime, check out this video for my favorite song on the record, “Divine Bell.” If you dig it, go pick up a copy of City of Refuge.

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