Best Weekend Ever!

Living in Chicago, there’s a constant conundrum I find myself in-what should I do this weekend? I could hit shows here or there, walk around downtown and shop, visit “The Bean,” or any other gargantuan number of things. But this weekend I’ve narrowed the choices down to just a few. If you’re looking to help me celebrate my birthday, these are the places to find me from Thursday-Saturday (plus a couple other things that I think will just be fun even if I’m not there).


Wolfgang Jay, City States, and Rabbit Children-Beat Kitchen

This is a record release show for Wolfgang Jay, as they officially put out And We Move. I reviewed the record a while back, and here’s what I had to say about it:

What keeps me coming back to this record over and over (and over) is the balance Wolfgang Jay finds between 80′s synth rock and early 00′s dance rock. My description of the band would go as follows: Imagine if you will a world in which We Are Scientists gave up writing original music, and became a Depeche Mode cover band.

I think this is gonna be a really rad show, so come out. It starts at 8:30 and tickets are $8. (21+)


Ok, this one is just ridiculous. Of the top 20 bands in Chicago right now, I’d say this show contains four of them-Canasta, Dastardly, Soft Speaker, and Secret Colours. Empty Bottle plays host as The Deli gives us their top emerging acts from 2010. I’ve reviewed 3 of the 4 bands either for a record or show review. I won’t put them all here, so click on their names for more on that. I will put a little about Dastardly, though, because I think they should be huge (like Sam the Eagle):

there is hope, Chicago. Dastardly has put out an EP that is wholly new and original, while paying solemn tribute to the forbearers of the genre. Maybe they don’t even consider this country music. Perhaps they just call it indie because that’s the hip thing to do. But let me tell all you beautiful people, it’s country music, and it’s fucking brilliant.

This show will be epic, so don’t miss it! Tickets are $10, and I would get them online ahead of time, becuase this WILL sell out. 9:30 at Empty Bottle.

Also on Friday at Abbey Pub, Eleven Dollar Life will be playing. I should have a review of their record tomorrow or Friday, so stay tuned.

And if you’re so inclined in the afternoon, Project Film will be playing at Columbia College’s Manifest Urban Arts Festival at 1:40. I really enjoyed their debut, Chicago. Here’s a blurb from my original review:

What I hear from Sam McAllister and Megan Frestedt is a musical history that parallels my own. Listening to Sam’s voice on a couple of the tracks makes me think of Elliott Smith in a lot of respects. He has a quiet vulnerability that comes through on the record and makes everything very easy for the listener to relate with.


As if you even need me to tell you about this one-Streets On Fire are headlining Metro. Also performing-The Kickback, The Goondas and CHAPERONE! Honestly, I could care less about three of these bands, but Chaperone is one I will see anywhere-even if I have to travel all the way to Austin, TX to do it. Here are some words that I put down way back in January about Chaperone:

Another bit that you pick up in the live show is how passionate a singer Shaun Paul is. When you hear the recorded version, you can tell that a lot of emotion and thought went into the songs, both lyrically and musically, but seeing the songs performed live; hearing every scream and whisper like he’s talking to each member individually. Well, you really need to check it out for yourself.

This show is 18+ so you can bring your younger brother or whatever and show him a good time. Tickets are only $9 and it begins at 9pm. You’ll find me at the merch table, where there will be delicious cookies (hopefully).


That’s my birthday, so I plan on sitting around and doing nothing until my mom gets to my apartment and takes us out to dinner. I’m thinking Flat Top Grill, but that could change. Then probably Forever Yogurt where I’ll make the largest cup of yogurt possible and pile it high with toppings.

2 thoughts on “Best Weekend Ever!

  1. Absolutely! Then another great weekend in a few weeks when you guys play Ribfest along with my friends Fort Frances and the amazing Ezra Furman! Looking forward to that for sure!
    If you’re gonna be at any of these shows this weekend, feel free to give me a birthday high five!