Seafarer at Lincoln Hall, Chicago 5-28-11

Now that you’ve seen the interview and got a little introduction to the band Seafarer, let me tell you about their show at Lincoln Hall a couple days ago. There were four bands playing in all: Glendenning was playing during the interview, so we missed them. For Black Canvas we went across the street to Fiesta Mexicana for some carmelized bananas and ice cream. Republic of Lights was third, and I made sure we got back in time to catch their set.

Maybe the best set I’ve seen all year as far as energy emanating from the stage. These guys (and girl) bring it hard and don’t ever let up. Prior to heading out to the show I made a point of checking out at least one song by each band playing, and of the three subs, Republic of Lights was the only one I thought I would make a point to catch. You can download their record Go Rococo here .

One thing I couldn’t stop thinking about throughout the set was how much lead singer Alan looked and acted like Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. We saw Julian on his solo tour last April, and it is uncanny!


Which one is Julian? I don’t know.

So after about 45 minutes of confusion, Republic of Lights set ended. I ran into Alan near the bar after the show, but just gave him a passing “Good show,” as to not bother him. I hate pestering performers after  a set, even though I do it to Miles after every Chaperone show. We spent some time looking through the pictures that Kari took, which can be viewed on the Music.Defined. Facebook page, and then it was time for Seafarer to go on.

Surprisingly they went on a little earlier than they were scheduled to. Always a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Patrick took center stage at the mic while the rest of the band stayed off to the side. After a couple songs I understood why they gave him his space.

The guy can get seriously maniacal on the guitar when he’s allowed to, and with the loose framework a lot of Seafarer’s songs follow, that is quite often.

I haven’t heard every song that Seafarer has recorded, but I’ve heard most of them. Their new single, “Cave,” and the b-side “Vagabond” I’ve listened to multiple times. What I’ve noticed about them is that they seem very interested in dissonance. Their songs are a constant struggle that they seem to be wrestling with. More often than not, the band succeeds. Sometimes they can get away from them, which I think the band alluded to in our interview beforehand as half the EP was recorded in one session and the second recorded months later.

In a live setting, where Patrick and the band are free to roam and explore with one another, they take the audience on a musical journey to some interesting places, both light and dark. If you’re willing to go on it with them, you can be pleasantly rewarded. If you don’t go along with them, it’s gonna be a rough show. Take for example, this video of the song “A New Friend In An Old Hole:”

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what I mean.

For the most part I enjoyed their set. I do think that in the future the rest of the band will need to mirror some of that amazing energy that Patrick puts off, but that all comes with time and playing more and more shows together. The music that they’re making together is good and interesting, so I’m going to recommend checking them out. They definitely aren’t for everyone. Some people are just not into music that makes you think. Leave them to Katy Perry or Ke$ha. For the rest of us, I’m glad to know that there are still people trying to push things forward.

And when they’re not moving forward, they’re paying tribute to icons of the past, like this cover of “Teenagers on Mars” by The Misfits:

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