Heat Vs Mavs Game zzzzzzzz (Updated)

Because tonight kicks off the NBA Finals, I thought it would be a good opportunity to feature a song by a guy I really enjoy.

I first heard of Bhi Bhiman at SxSw where he opened a show featuring himself, The Chapin Sisters, Josh Ritter, and Ron Sexsmith. He played a bunch of songs and I liked all of them. He did not play this particular song, as I remember…but we WERE in a church, so that kinda made sense:

He did, however, play this song. It includes some of my favorite lines in recent songwriting history, so I hope you like it. If so, click over to his website and pick up his album, The Cookbook. I’m told it was produced by Sam Kassirer. If that’s true, all the more reason to pick it up! (EDIT: I was just messaged by Mr. Bhiman, and he informed me that The Cookbook was NOT produced by Sam Kassirer, but his new album, due out late this year, is. My apologies.)

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