Dastardly at Schubas 6/6/11

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about Dastardly that I haven’t already. I think they’re super and wish you would check them out. Monday was their last show in town before they head off to the east coast for a while. Maybe they’ll be playing a club in NYC and Jimmy Iovine will be in the audience and sign them to a 3-record worth thousands of dollars! So much of the game is knowing people and luck. Maybe one of you reading this is a person to know, and this is your introduction to the band. For that reason, I’m going to let Dastardly do their own talking, via their performance. I have the whole show, but I won’t put the whole thing up here. Just a couple to whet the appetite. If you’d like to see more, go to YouTube and check it out.



Just a quick note on “Freight Train” above: When it first started I had no idea what was going on. I thought it sounded terrible. But after about 30 seconds it got really good. So, if you’re watching and reading at the same time (congrats!) don’t turn the video off. Let it roll and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


I kept as much of Gabe’s banter as I could. He has a very odd stage presence that I find hilarious.

I have another video I’d like to put up, but my computer isn’t cooperating. Maybe I’ll update this post later tonight.

For some great pictures from the show, check out our album on Facebook!