Sleeper Agent-From Bowling Green To Blowin’ Up

I get sent a lot of music. Of everything I receive, maybe 12 percent is good. So, when I receive something that I really enjoy, I’m pleased as punch to be able to share it with you. Such is the case with Sleeper Agent, a group of kids from Kentucky who have turned their style of fast-tempo rock ‘n’ roll into a thing of beauty.

They’ve been fortunate early in their life as a band. Most groups would kill to be opening for bands like Cage The Elephant and Manchester Orchestra. From the music I’ve heard, Sleeper Agent is much more comparable to the former, but reading through their blog entries, it’s obvious that they hold MO in the highest regard. Influences of both can be heard, and with their full-length debut, Celabrasion, coming out in August you’ll all have the chance to experience the awesomeness that I’ve been living with the past couple weeks.

As a teaser to all of you, here’s the first single off the record that’s been available for a while for free streaming and download, “Get It Daddy.”


I love those fuzzy guitars, and the Micro Machine Guy-like vocals remind me of something Bone Thugs-N-Harmony might have included on E. 1999 Eternal.

The first time I heard the song, I had no clue that the band had a female vocalist. Maybe it’s because the lyrics are coming out so fast, but when I checked out the band’s page, I was amazed. Alex Kandel’s voice isn’t always so ambiguous. When they slow things down a bit, especially, her voice lowers in pitch and it becomes a comforting voice. This is displayed well on the acoustic track “Force A Smile.” Alex sings backup harmonies on this one while Tony Smith takes the lead. Their voices blend nicely together, and nothing comes off as false.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Sleeper Agent at Schubas in a few days. I urge you Chicagoans to come out and join us. Reading through some of the comments of fans who caught previous shows, it sounds like a pretty amazing time.

Check back next week for more on Sleeper Agent’s show at Schubas. We’ll have pictures and videos and thoughts galore!


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