Over the last eight months, there is one band that I’ve talked about more than any other-Chicago’s very own Chaperone.

From the first time I heard their song “Thomas” on The Deli‘s website, I’ve been hooked on their joyous rock ‘n’ roll. Sometimes it leans a bit country, sometimes a bit punk, but always compelling and sounding good.

Now, for some reason, all you people out there have ignored my cries of reason, attempts to show you that the music you’re listening to is terrible and Chaperone will show you why. So instead of wasting more of my words, I’ll just put up some videos and you can decide for yourself.

But first, a word on my videos: Sometimes they look bad. Other times they’re great. My main thing when I’m shooting a video of a song is that, I am no better than anyone else in this bar or club, so it isn’t my right to walk around in front of them and block the show. So, most of the time my videos are shot from the side and there isn’t much movement. If you don’t find them satisfactory, I’m sorry. Feel free to go to all these shows and record your own videos. Send me the link and maybe I’ll use it. Otherwise, shut the hell up and enjoy what I’m providing.

Now back to the videos. This first one, “Witches and Sailors,” is from the very first time I saw the band at their record release show in October of 2010.

Now here’s another one from Subterranean, but taken four months later. “Fed On Coal.”

This song, “Son of Love Control,” was written by Mark Sheridan, and this recording was the first time they ever played it live.

Continuing with new songs and appearances at Beat Kitchen, where the above song was taped, here’s another new one-“Wasserkinder”

And finally, here’s the single they’ll be releasing soon, “Raised By Wolves.” The sound quality on this one may be a bit poor because I was pretty close to the speakers, but you’ll get an idea of the energy behind the song.

If you enjoyed these videos, you can check out the first two songs on the EP Cripple King (which I voted the best Chicago release of last year). If you liked the last three songs, come to the next Chaperone show and see it done live. The sepia-toned beings in the videos look like real people when you view it with your own eyes!