Sleeper Agent Release New Video

You may remember that a little while ago I reviewed a show by a great new band Sleeper Agent. The time has come now for their album, Celabrasion, to be released! With it comes a new video for their first single, “Get It Daddy.” Check it out:

Now click that Celabrasion link above and buy their rec0rd. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, as an added bonus, here’s the live version that I recorded at Schubas. Not nearly as professional, but still pretty goddam entertaining:

On a side note, whoever the dick is that voted thumbs down on this video on YouTube, WTF? Give me the cash, and I’ll give you a fucking Spielberg-ian version of the video…as it stands I have a Flip camera that I received as a gift. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Sleeper Agent Release New Video

  1. It is a good video, Kevin. And actually, one of the perks of writing a blog like this is that you get things if you ask for them. More than that, sometimes you’re given EXTRA stuff that you hadn’t even thought of yet. Sleeper Agent falls into that category. I had inquired to some people about The Elected show at Schubas last month, and they let me know that these guys were playing there a couple days ahead of that one. They let me in and I was impressed with the band. Seems to be a lot of young bands that are much better than their age would lead you to think.
    Anyway, glad you like them. Make sure you catch them when they come through your neck of the woods.

  2. I feel like this video is what a music video is supposed to be! There’s no crazy green screens or special fx… just the band playing some jams and some people hitting pinatas 🙂 As a musician i really appreciate seeing them play their equipment and everything! If you’re reading this… how’d you find out about this band? I heard about them from their free song on itunes right now… been getting a lot of buzz and finally gave it a listen, i’m so impressed! 🙂

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