My Hasty Revelations Wishlist

Now that the cat is out of the bag with Hasty Revelations, let’s talk about things I’d like to see (and you, if you wish to comment below). This list will act as a kind of guide for what I’m shooting for as far as quality goes. As a promise to you, readers, I will do my best to never get anyone that sucks. If I do you can chase me through the streets of Chicago with torches and pitchforks (unless you work for Pitchfork, in which case I could give a shit about your opinion).

10. Camera Obscura
9. Nick Thorburn
8. The Rural Alberta Advantage
7. We Were Promised Jetpacks
6. Portugal. The Man
5. Kevin Barnes (With or without Of Montreal)
4. The Decemberists
3. Conor Oberst
2. Josh Ritter
1. Wilco

Who would you request we try to get into the studio? All suggestions welcome.

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