Avoid The Malaise of 9/11 Commemoration


Many of you will spend this weekend watching CNN or whichever news source you think gives you the news with the least amount of bullshit (I watch none of them), and with that will come a lot of sadness and ill thoughts. So, I wanted to give you a way to get some entertainment without leaving your home (because if you’ve been watching the footage you’re probably terrified to go outside) by posting my favorite videos that we’ve taken this year. Please to enjoy our 2011 video highlights.

Chaperone “Witches and Sailors” @ The Hideout 1/7/11

Project Film “Cut Outs” @ Schubas 3/1/11

Dastardly “Exercises In Self Loathing” @ SxSw 3/19/11

Okkervil River “Unless It’s Kicks” @ SxSw 3/20/11

Rural Alberta Advantage “Luciana” @ SxSw 3/21/11

Nik Freitas “Saturday Night Underwater” @ Schubas 4/17/11

The Motion Sick and Golden Bloom “30 Lives” @ Schubas 4/23/11

Neutral Uke Hotel “Two-Headed Boy” @ Schubas 4/23/11

Wolfgang Jay “And We Move” @ Beat Kitchen 5/13/11

Chaperone “O Ye Drowning Children” @ Beat Kitchen 6/24/11

Fort Frances “Falling Down” @ Schubas 6/29/11

The Elected “Born To Love You” @ Schubas 7/2/11

The Poison Control Center “Torpedoes On Tuesday” @ Schubas 7/27/11

Smith Westerns “Weekend” @ Schubas 8/4/11

Molehill “Untitled” @ Beat Kitchen 8/20/11

Chaperone “Raised By Wolves” @ Logan Square Auditorium

If you watched all the videos through to the end, you just saved yourself from about 90 minutes of 9/11 coverage. We have way more videos, so if you still feel like you need a break, head over to my YouTube page http://www.youtube.com/user/jterzino