The Perms-Sofia Nights

The Perms hail from Winnipeg and pump out some great power pop. They’ve been around since 1998, and Sofia Nights is their fifth album. In comparison with other bands of the day, their sound reminds me a lot of one of my favorites, Free Energy.
This new release, which came out in September, is a ton of fun. There’s really no other word for it. The vocals soar, the guitar screams, and the whole thing is delivered with a relentless energy that courses through the speakers. I’m surprised I had never heard of this band before, but it goes to show that there is amazing music being made everywhere.

My favorite song is the second track, “Make It Through.” It has a classic rock feel that brings in bands like Aerosmith and Kiss in a way that still feels fresh. The gravelly singing lends some genuine feeling to the song, and the chorus is perfect for screaming along in the car (or in my case on the bus, which is unfortunate for the other riders).

There aren’t any bad songs on the record. In fact, if you’re a fan of this style of music, I’m guessing you’d love Sofia Nights. Other highlights include the song “Said And Done,” a blistering rocker that’ll keep you pumped up in the slowest of times.

“Slipping Away” is another rocker with early metal and classic rock influences, Thin Lizzy and “Suffragette City” Bowie come to mind. The harmonies on “Slipping Away” also display another side of The Perms that isn’t always present on the record.

Album closer “Over and Over” leaves off right where we started, with straightforward rocking that takes your breath away. Sofia Nights is fast and hard in all the right ways.

The trade off on vocals between Shane and Chad Smith is effortless and all the instrumentation plays well off one another. I’d recommend this album to anyone who enjoys the bands I’ve mentioned, as well as any power pop or post-punk bands. This is a solid record and I’m glad they though to send it to me. Now go buy it!