Early Warning: Ghost Pal-Get Thee Gone

Ghost Pal will soon be releasing their EP, Nathan Jones Is Dead, and it’s time to drop a single so folks get an idea where it might take them. Lead singer/producer/mastermind Oliver Ignatius sent me an unfinished mix of the song to check out, and I have to say I dig it.
The song is the first that the group have done built on a track of the band live, which gives it a sense of urgency. “Get Thee Gone” is a rocker for sure, but Ignatius’ pop sensibilities shine through. For a rock song it is super catchy; one of those songs you can just listen to over and over and not tire of it. This is being released now, but is not going to appear on the EP, so if this is any indication, that collection should be amazing.
The single drops tomorrow, and I’ll put up a link here so everyone can check it out. I think you’re gonna like it.
Also, when you listen, let me know if you hear a little Bad Company at the beginning. Maybe I’m the only one who hears it.

UPDATE: Here it is folks. In all it’s finished glory.

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