Fort Frances-The Lowlands

I was sitting at work yesterday when I got an email from David McMillin, singer/songwriter and frontman for the band Fort Frances. He wrote to alert me about a new song the band was going to put up on Bandcamp for the holidays (to the delight of teenage girls everywhere-inside joke). It’s a song they recorded during the sessions for their amazing debut album, The Atlas, but ultimately felt it didn’t fit with the rest of the pieces that make up that puzzle.

So there I am, toiling away at work, and now I have this awesome thing to hear when I get home. Well, that only made the next six hours drag even more as I counted down the minutes until I could hear this gem. Eventually the day came to a close, and I was off to the train for another forty-five minutes of not being able to hear “The Lowlands.”

When I finally got home, I ran to my computer (a short run in a one bedroom apartment) and downloaded the file in my inbox. The file that I received was this two and a half minutes of bliss:

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