Hoots and Hellmouth-Why Would You Not Want To Go There?

As you may know, I don’t post a lot about singles. I find that they don’t give you enough info on the band to make an informed opinion. And also, I generally disagree with the songs that bands choose to be their singles, because they are usually the songs with mass appeal and I like the deep cuts. But every now and then I hear a song and think “I know exactly who this band is, and I know I want to hear more from them.”

That was the case with this tune from Hoots and Hellmouth. These guys come from Philadelphia, but sound like they may have carpet bagged up from Atlanta. It’s country/folk in the vein of one of my current favorites The Wooden Sky. Salt, their second album inside a year, came out at the end of 2011(can’t catch em all).  I’ll be writing a full review sometime next week. For now, enjoy the first song off the record, “Why Would You Not Want To Go There?”

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