Project Film Playing The Burlington Tomorrow


When Sam McAllister and Megan Frestedt aren’t busy running a record label, sending out songs and info to people like me, or hanging out at Forever Yogurt, they’re busy making music together in Project Film. In 2010 they put out their debut, titled Chicago. I was a fan of that record, and I’ve heard that they’re heading up to Minneapolis to record the follow-up sometime soon. Before that, they’re going to be playing a show at The Burlington Bar in Logan Square.

Having been to the bar only once, I can tell you that it’s a nice, intimate environment. It’s dark, but the sound is pretty good. We saw Chaperone play there over the winter and it’s definitely different from other music venues in the city. It reminds me a bit of a mix between Beat Kitchen and Subterannean.

I’m really looking forward to this new release they’re putting together. If you still don’t have plans for tomorrow, head out and hear some great music! They’re playing with Rogue Valley and Sewingneedle. In the meantime, check out this video I shot of them playing at Schubas: