The Buddies Exclusive Chicago Video Premiere

The Buddies are one of my favorite Chiacgo bands. Above that, they are one of the best live bands I’ve seen and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. When I was offered the opportunity to premiere their new music video, I jumped at the chance.

One thing I live about the Eric and Ryan Henriquez-directed clip is that it captures the fun side of the group. The video is a throw back to the party videos of the 80’s, bringing to mind the “Fight For Your Right” video by The Beastie Boys.

The video was shot in New York City after Ryan and guitarist Justin Collins met while working with the band Deer Tick. Collins played the demo for “All The Beer Is Gone,” and it was immediately loved. After The Buddies album, F*** The Buddies, was properly released, the band began discussing a video for this song. Those discussions laid the groundwork for this video, shot by Bill Antonucci and edited by Miku Happonen.

If you haven’t picked up The Buddies record yet, don’t worry. It’s still available. You can get it here. They’ll be playing live in Chicago on July 20th with The Canoes and Sons Of An Illustrious Father at Observatory Studios. It should be an amazing night, so make sure you get tickets as soon as they’re available!

For more on The Buddies, check out their Facebook page and read my reviews of their live shows.

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