The Great American Canyon Band at Subterranean


Last night I had the pleasure of taking in a show by The Great American Canyon Band. Currently they only have an EP out, but you can listen to it for free on their bandcamp page, and I would suggest you do so. They craft intricate indie folk songs that weave in and out of hallucinogenic pop and traditional roots music. With Paul Masson on acoustic guitar and vocals, and his wife Krystal on accompanying vocals, they sound like a mix between early Wilco and Arcade Fire. The guitarist that plays with them (Doug something, very sorry I can’t remember) is a crazy talented guy who switched between regular electric guitar, keyboards, and lap steel. He’s rocking the steel on this track that I recorded, called “Tumbleweed.” If you like it, please do go check them out. I’m told they’ll be back in town next month for another show, and you can check out their tumblr page for more updates.

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