An Exclusive Interview With Matt Priest Of Canasta

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an interview that was just one-on-one, so I wanted to try some different things. When I met Matt at Schubas, we started talking and we got a few minutes in so I just decided to turn the camera on and let it roll without doing any introductions or anything, just two guys talking. We covered some really good ground about the nature of being in a group with five other people and how that can be a great thing sometimes, and a very difficult thing at others. And then, unfortunately, during a very emphatic point Matt hit the table with his hand, sending the camera to the floor; somehow erasing everything up until that point.

So we started over. We had gone about fifteen minutes already, and the resulting product of take two ends up right around 27 minutes. We discuss a lot of different topics. Luckily Matt is a pretty engaging and smart guy, so I could just ask a question and then he could go off for a few minutes. I found it all very interesting, especially because he didn’t shy away from speaking candidly about a possible end to Canasta. I know this interview is long, but I think you’ll find it enjoyable.

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