Liz Wood-Ruin (Music Video)

A few weeks ago I received Liz Wood‘s new EP Into My Own. I listened to it a few times as soon as I got it, and then filed it away as we are still a couple weeks away from release. I knew from the little time I had spent with the four songs that “Ruin” was definitely my favorite. It’s guitar-driven pop/rock that harkens back to the stark intimacy of Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyville.

This song is a bitter pill, and Wood delivers every line with just the right balance of malevolence and indifference. The vocals are featured for the first segment of the song, but it really takes off about a minute in when the guitars start up. From there the song is a whirlwind of anger, sadness, and hazy recollections.

Into My Own comes out October 16th, so this video provides plenty of warning for you. I recommend picking up the disc when it comes out-if for no other reason than I think Liz Wood is a talented singer-songwriter who could go on to do a lot of great things in her career.

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