Lawrence Arabia-The Listening Times/Traveling Shoes


Sorry I’ve been a little spotty with posts lately-I’ve been busy doing some other stuff that has drawn my attention away from writing. I want to give you something though, so I thought I’d hit you with a double shot of Lawrence Arabia.
I’ve been digging New Zealand’s James Milne since someone thought to forward me his new album, The Sparrow. It reminds me a little of Patrick Wolf and a lot of Beirut, which is a good thing. The first song I’m posting is “The Listening Times,” which comes via the official video:

The second, and the one I personally like better, is called “Traveling Shoes.”

If you enjoy these, you can get Lawrence Arabia’s The Sparrow here. Coming up on Saturday November 3rd at The Empty Bottle, you can see Lawrence Arabia live, so please come out and support original artists.

UPDATE: I’ve had a chance to listen to The Sparrow a few more times since I posted this, and it’s a great record. The comparisons to Beirut and Patrick Wolf hold up, but you can add Andrew Bird’s musical ability and John Vanderslice’s creative lyricism.