Exclusive Interview With Gordon Robertson of The Damn Choir

Tonight I had the opportunity to sit down for a nice chat with Gordon Robertson, lead singer and songwriter of The Damn Choir. After watching the playback of the interview, I realized that at the beginning I called him Gordon Robinson-so sorry for that mixup. I got it right at the end, but I feel like I needed to point out my mistake before anyone else had the chance.

We had planned on going to a Caribou Coffee to talk, but it was packed so we ended up going to one of my favorite places on Earth, Forever Yogurt (Boystown location). We were lucky that there was only one other person hanging out in there and they were completely silent until we left. We did capture some of the fun songs they were playing over the PA, so bonus points for anyone who can name every song in the comments below (I’ll give you one: “Firework” by Katy Perry).

Gordon seems like a really good guy. We talked about his songwriting, religion, band dynamics and the best music venues in Chicago. You can catch The Damn Choir live this Friday night at The Empty Bottle along with Communist Daughter and you can purchase their first two records, Faithful Fools and You’re My Secret Called Fire over on their bandcamp page.

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