Calculon-Feel/Love & Radiation-Three Kingdoms


I don’t post much about house/bass/electronic or whatever term is being used this week describe the style. This is mainly due to the fact that I just don’t really care for most of it. I’ve found a few DJ’s and artists that I think do a pretty good job-Paper Diamond being chief among them-but 99% of it goes right over my head.

That being said, Chicago has a pretty good label for those that are interested called Loose Squares. I don’t remember how I started getting press emails from them, but I get one every couple weeks or so, and I always give it a listen. I know when I hit play that I’m probably not going to dig whatever it is, but sometimes there’s a surprise. This new EP by Calculon must have hit me at just the right moment, because I think it’s pretty good. Especially the second track, “I Need You.”

Calculon also works with Sinistarr on this EP. He opened for Childish Gambino when I saw him at The Vic last summer. I didn’t think much of it, but the song he’s featured on here is much more appealing. It reminds me of a less morbid version of Umberto’s work on From The Grave.

Chrissy Murderbot, who runs Loose Squares (also Sleazetone and Dead Homeis), has a show this Sunday night at The Empty Bottle with ITAL (Brooklyn) and Hieroglyphic Being (Chicago). Tickets HERE


Love & Radiation is an electronic duo made up by Adele and Lakshmi. They’ve been playing together for years after meeting at Northwestern University just north of Chicago. They started out just playing each other songs written on acoustic guitar, then formed a punk band. Since then they’ve shifted focus to add a more electronic element to their music. Adele plays guitar and sings, with Lakshmi on the keys and backup vocals.

They released a new single recently called “Three Kingdoms.” It’s an indie-pop take on electronica that reminds me a bit of some J-Pop sounds. I really like the guitar riff after the first verse, and I’m overwhelmed with a desire to play Zelda when the song is over.

I actually prefer the duo’s other single off their upcoming album, “Ganymede.”

I like the vocals and the way they intertwine with the music. It just plays better as a whole for me. That said, I’ll wait for the whole album to come out before I pass judgement. Perhaps hearing “Three Kingdoms” in the context of the full experience will strengthen it.

Love & Radiation will be at Hungry Brain in Chicago on Monday, January 28th.