Fort Frances-City By The Sea


In the months since David McMillin came in to record a song for my Hasty Revelations project, I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to hear a full band version of the song “The City By The Sea.” Today I found out that it is the lead single off the bands soon-to-be released sophomore album, Harbour. It’s wildly different than the solo version, but it retains one quality-amazingness.

Along with a link to the song, I was sent some rather eloquent words that David wrote about the song. I’ll let him explain how he’s feeling these days:

A note on City by the Sea:

I wrote the lyrics to City by the Sea well over a year ago, just as fall was making way for the arrival of the year’s closing chapter in Chicago. I’ve spent five winters in this city, much longer than I think I ever expected when I first moved here. As anyone who calls the Midwest home can attest, that stretch that runs from December through late February can be a desolate and downtrodden existence. The days may be short on sunlight, but they can feel long on the heart.

But this song is not about that. It’s the opposite, actually. For some reason, I’m more hopeful than ever during this winter. Perhaps it’s that we’re putting out some new music. Perhaps it’s because we’re getting ready for some time on the road. Perhaps it’s because we just have some incredible people that we call friends and family here in our city by the sea (the sea is Lake Michigan). Whatever it is, I think it’s going to be a good year. I hope that the way we’ve recorded this song reflects that promise.

Since the release of their debut album, The Atlas, Fort Frances has put out a handful of cover songs in a series they call “As Told By,” as well as one original, “The Lowlands.” Not sure if that one will be on Harbour, but so far I have a great feeling about the direction they’re taking.