Neulore-“Shadow Of A Man” Gets World Premiere On Grey’s Anatomy


Last May Neulore came to Chicago to play a show at Schubas. They were introduced to me through their PR people who have sent a lot of great music my way. We got them to agree to swing by Handwritten Recording to do a Hasty Revelations session, and they played an acoustic version of a new song. It only took them a few takes to get it the way they wanted, and I was impressed with their efficiency. They were all really nice, too, which never hurts.

Taken at Handwritten Recording 5/22/12

The song ran it’s course here on the site, before I switched to putting the songs on Bandcamp. It was a good little hit-grabber, with lots of people coming here to check them out. It had been a while since I’ve listened to their 2010 Sampler they put out, but then I saw the news that the same song they recorded for me was going to be used in an upcoming episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Love or hate the show, they have done a good job of featuring great music: Maria Taylor, Inara George, Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service, Metric, Josh Ritter…the list goes on and on.

And now this song. The version they did for me isn’t quite as polished, of course. The bones were there even in that early form. It’s quite an accomplishment for even established bands to get their music on a hit show, so congratulations to Neulore for breaking through the barrier. This is a genre-bender for sure. It’s almost like fun. and Mumford & Sons did a mash-up. So I guess don’t be surprised if Neulore is nominated for a ton of Grammys next year.

You can check out the band on Facebook and you can hear some of their older music on their Bandcamp page.

Be sure to tune in to  “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday night, 3/21/13 on ABC to hear “Shadow Of A Man” underscore the birth of McDreamy and Meredith’s baby, or play Dr. Hunt off into the sunset as he sets off on his next adventure.

Taken at Handwritten Recording 5/22/12