Exclusive New Track From Bedroom Sons Upcoming EP


Over the past two years I’ve really enjoyed my time discovering new Chicago bands. One of my favorite finds has been Chris Dertz’s solo project, Bedroom Sons. Chris recently made the move from DeKalb to the big city to pursue music more seriously. In a couple days there will be a new Bedroom Sons EP to make us question why any of us even bother to write or create music, and I have a brand new track to share with you right now.

“Awful” is a song that Chris brought in to Handwritten Recording back in December to record a Hasty Revelations session for me. In the span of an hour we recorded drums, bass, five guitars, and two vocals-with Chris playing anything and everything. It was impressive to watch, and the quick “just get it done” process seemed to play well with his DIY mentality. The result was a rough, but honest rock song that was equal parts 90’s alternative rock and 00’s post-punk. This new polished version is still imperfect, but in the way that good music should be.

You can check out Bedroom Sons tonight at Quenchers Saloon, where there will be new songs aplenty. If you’d like to check out some previous releases, I highly recommend both Take Your Time and Father.

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