Jason Myles Goss-Black Lights (Music Video)


Jason Myles Goss and Rhapsody Productions are quickly becoming the Scorsese/DeNiro pairing for music videos. It makes sense, then, that their third pairing tackle the world of boxing. The majority was shot right here in Chicago at McGarry’s Gym (aka 115 Bourbon Street). The song featured, “Black Lights,” comes from Goss’s 2012 record Radio Dial. That record landed in my top 50 of the year (35).

The video does a good job of being unique while also paying homage to some of the great boxing images in pop culture from Rocky, Raging Bull, and On The Waterfront. It doesn’t shy away from the brutality of the sport, and the song doesn’t either. It’s a tale of anger and drugs all too common in the realm of pugilism. A lot of great fighters come from nothing and will do whatever it takes to climb up the ladder.

Jason wrote a good piece for Round Magazine about the song that you can check out here. If you just want to watch the video, here you go: