Bedroom Sons-We Would’ve Followed You Forever


It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s been eight months to the day since Bedroom Sons put out the EP Take Your Time. Maybe it’s just that I listen to it often enough that the record still seems new to me. Regardless, eight months is much too long to wait when an artist is putting out fantastic material three or four songs at a time (he’s recording a full-length this summer).

On the new EP We Would’ve Followed You Forever, Chris Dertz takes all of his favorite artists and mashes them up into a three-song potpourri of 90’s alternative rock and early 00’s lo-fi singer/songwriter. Not only has he made an excellent EP, Dertz has also made me go back and listen to some of the records I hear in his music.

I can’t help but love the opener, “Awful.” We got an early sneak peek at it back in December when he recorded a version in about an hour for the Hasty Revelations album. The guitars are a little different in the new version, and they’re better of course. It’s still the same great tune at its core though.

“Perfect” is my favorite song here. It’s actually one of my favorite things Bedroom Sons has put out so far. It sounds like he’s trying to out-Rivers Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on this. If someone played this for me and told me it was an unfinished track from Pinkerton, I’d probably believe them. Dertz ends with a nod toward 60’s pop that fits in well with everything that comes before it.

On”Your Eyes” we get the best lyrical content from the EP. It’s about being blindly in love and not seeing when someone hurts you. Chris sings a line toward the end “somebody less in love is seein’ red, but who knows, my eyes are closed,” and it is delivered with the same guile as Kate Hudson’s smile in Almost Famous when she finds out she got traded for $50 and a six-pack. Musically you get pretty much everything here, including big guitars, whistling, and probably the best drumming of Dertz’s career.

Three EP’s in to Bedroom Sons career, I can honestly say that each one makes me awesomely excited for what will come next. Chris writes and sings bedroom confessionals turned up to 11, and devotes everything to music. If you haven’t listened to Bedroom Sons yet, I honestly feel kinda bad for you. Luckily you can rectify the problem with one simple click.