Elephant Stone Play Chicago 4/19/13


Elephant Stone is a Montreal-based rock band that you may or may not have heard of. They play a highly Hindi-influenced style of psych-rock that’s as trippy as it comes. Their debut album, 2009’s Seven Seas, was considered for the Polaris Prize (Canada’s biggest music award) which eventually went to punk group Fucked Up. Recently Elephant Stone released a self-titled follow up and kicked off a tour with Black Angels and Allah-Lahs.

Rishi Dhir is the main contributor to Elephant Stone, playing sitar and singing. They mix the exotic instrument with all the traditional rock and roll sounds like a contemporary George Harrison, and when Dhir gets going he’s as good as anybody.

I like the music best when he really connects with his roots, so the song “A Silent Moment” is easily my favorite.

Tickets for tomorrow night’s show at The Vic are still available for $24.

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