The Great American Canyon Band


Back in July of last year, I had the chance to see The Great American Canyon Band play a great set at SubT here in Chicago. Their music is haunting, but it lures you in with a strange familiarity. I talked to Paul Masson after they played, super nice guy, and he told me they had a full album recorded and were just waiting for the right time to release it. He sent it to me and it was just unbelievably good. I was asked not to write about it due to the uncertainty surrounding the album. It killed me, but I never spoke about the amazing songs sitting in my iPod waiting to make days and nights better for every boy and girl.

Flash forward nine months, and the band has finally given birth to a four-song EP called Lost At Sea. Three of the four songs on this EP come from the earlier recordings. The band also preceded the release of the EP with the single “Young Lady” in March, which was also part of that album. “Tumbleweed” is the best song on the EP, and maybe the best song I’ve heard by the band so far. Hearing it live is a real treat, so if you have the opportunity to check them out make sure you do so. They recently put out a video for the song, using footage from Jared Varava’s short film TUMBLEWEED!

Paul and his wife Krystal Jean make amazing music together, and I hope the rest of the songs I’ve been loving for almost a year get to see the light of day soon. The lone new song is the title track, and it differs from the rest of the album in almost every way. While the older songs have a feeling of darkness surrounded by beauty, “Lost At Sea” is a little more upbeat. The beginning almost feels like a Hawaiian luau song you might enjoy late at night on the beach after too much poi. It does feature a great guitar solo. If this is indicative of the direction The Great American Canyon Band is headed, I’m all for it.

They’re currently on tour, hitting Chicago on 5/5 for a show at Schubas with Fort Frances. That’s gonna be a great one. For more tour dates and info, check out the band’s tumblr page. You can purchase Lost At Sea from Bandcamp for $5.

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