Ghost Pal-God Save Mama Coco’s


There are a few bands, very few, who run in to the problem of delivering too much of a good thing. Ghost Pal has been dropping hit after hit over the past couple years, creating a certain expectation among their fans. The slightest slip up and people will be ready to say, “Ah. They stink! They just got lucky.” Fortunately, the band avoids that rant with the release of God Save Mama Coco’s. The EP keeps with the consistently great music which includes the album Nathan Jones Is Dead and previous EP Extended Family.

There isn’t much for me to say about their music that I haven’t already. Oliver Ignatius keeps getting better both vocally and lyrically, and the band, whose players can change from time to time, sticks with familiar faces. Josh Barocas on bass, Alexandre da Silva shredding guitar, Carson Moody on drums with help from Matt Evans. And let’s not forget Henry Kandel’s horn and penny whistle work. That group handles the challenge of keeping up with Oliver at every turn. GSMC’s is a deeply personal EP, and the emotion is especially high on the final track, “Raja’s Song (Hold On My King).”

That song is a beautifully written ode to the (man’s) best friend Ignatius lost recently. It features some great backing vocals from Oh! My Blackbird‘s Annie Sullivan and Veronica Kohl, as well as Liz Deleo; together they make up The Right Witches. Not many are capable of releasing a song about a dog that can make your eyes well up by the time the first chorus hits, but it’s so honest that any animal lover will have a hard time getting through it without at least a lip quiver.

The real gem of the EP is actually the title track. It’s a song about a group of people trying to make it against the odds under the guise of a synth-filled, dance-y, good-time anthem. It seems out of place for a Ghost Pal track, but like Belle & Sebastian’s “Your Cover’s Blown,” they just prove that if they want to they can do anything.

I’m quickly running out of adjectives to use when I talk about this band, so don’t be surprised if I make some up for their next release. I have no doubt that it will be as amazing as everything else they’ve put out so far. You can pick up God Save Mama Coco’s on their Bandcamp page for whatever price you choose to pay. While there, check out the rest of their music as well as all their recommendations.

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