Top Ten Unappreciated Josh Ritter Songs


Tonight Josh Ritter hits Chicago, and I’ll be there just like I am every time he plays within 50 miles of me. I’m running through my usual show-day ritual of listening to some deep cuts, and I thought it might be a good time to shine a spotlight on some of the man’s unheralded work. Everybody loves “Kathleen” and “The Curse,” but let’s give it up for the songs that make up the other 90% of his records.

10. California

9. In The Dark
(Editor’s note: this video is from SxSw 2011, and I make a brief appearance around the 5:35 mark)

8. Hotel Song

7. One More Mouth

6. Anne

5. Open Doors

4. Long Shadows

3. Wings

2. Morning Is A Long Way Down

1. Naked As A Window

Feel free to share your favorite Josh Ritter song or one that you think deserves more praise below in the comments.

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