Emptying My Inbox, part 1


I get a lot of music submissions every week, and I’m grateful that bands and artists are seeing out my opinion (and the little exposure that provides). I really like listening to everything and getting to know the bands that send me stuff. One thing I don’t really dig is reviewing singles. I’ve mentioned this before, but anyone can strike gold once. I want to hear you over a full album. Tell me a story, not just the punchline, ya know?

So, with that in mind, here are a bunch of single songs that have been sent to me in the past couple weeks that I like, but won’t be reviewing. I’ve also included a couple tracks from records that I haven’t had a chance to review, but think they’re worth checking out. Here we go…

Foreign Talks-“The Spell”

Pony Boy-“Trouble”

Sir Sly-“Gold”

The All-About-“Whatever, Happy Birthday”

Moritat-“I Forgot To Kiss Her”

The Bynars-“All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun Tonight”


Dreadknot-“Bitter Bones”

Dear Stars-“Hero In Our Eyes”

The Features-“With Every Beat”

Talib Kweli feat Busta Rhymes-“Rocket Ships”

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