EXCLUSIVE: New Single From The Lonelyhearts


Today we’re debuting a track from The Lonelyhearts new record Years In The Great Interior, and I couldn’t be more excited for you all to hear it. I’ve been listening to the record for about a week or so now, and it’s another great release from the folks at Maximum Ames Records. The first single, “Autumn Percussion,” was a fantastic introduction to the band if you aren’t familiar with them. “The California Oak Mortality Task Force” goes a bit deeper into what their music is all about.

Featuring acoustic guitar and keys, this new single has a certain sense of foreboding at its core. The 12-string and voice of John Lindenbaum paints a pretty picture of a drunken evening, but Andre Perry’s dark, synthy keys keep creeping up more and more. It’s almost like at any second something terrible is going to happen, but the real horror is being stuck in small town USA living a life you never wanted. The duo display influences of Springsteen and Radiohead, and marry the two quite well. You can hear it for yourself below.

Years In The Great Interior will be released on June 4th, but you can pre-order it here on vinyl, CD, or as a download. You can also check out the first single, “Autumn Percussion,” and a video of The Lonelyhearts playing live.