Spring Awakening Festival Schedule


Now that the full schedule has been announced, I thought I’d give you an idea of what I would have as my ideal schedule. My picks are in pink. People who know a lot more about EDM will call me a headliner-hog, and that’s fine. Truthfully, if you want a good spot for the main attractions, you have to set up at that stage well in advance. That’s why there are a couple acts that are worth checking out, but I’d rather be within a thousand feet of the big draw. I’ve been to festivals where it felt like I was a million miles from the stage, and that is not as much fun.





Pantyraid & Zomboy w/DJ Intel Friday 6/14 (17+) House Of Blues 10pm
329 N Dearborn

Oliver w/Glasslux, Gun Love, & Perfect Kiss Saturday 6/15 (21+) Primary 10pm
5 W Division

Calvin Harris at The Mid
Sunday 6/16 (21+) 10pm
306 N Halsted

For the full lineup of after parties, check out Spring Awakening Festival’s website.

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