The Multiple Cat-The Hill, Pt 1 (Video)


If you follow me on Twitter or get my status updates on Facebook, you already know that things had to slow down here on the site as I’m spending my time this week packing and getting set to move to a new apartment. But, sometimes you hear something and you just have to post about it. That’s how I feel about The Multiple Cat. The Return Of The Multiple Cat, their first release in a decade, actually came out back in May, but it didn’t hit my radar. Until now. I can’t wait to give it a few more spins and write a full review-it’s lush, synthy pop perfect for a warm night at the beach or driving down the open road.

The band is the artistic outlet for producer/engineer Patrick Stolley, co-founder of Daytrotter (Sean Moeller appears on one track as well). This record was made over a long span of years in between Daytrotter sessions at studios in Rock Island, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa, as well as Stolley’s home recording studio.

Until I have time to give the album the attention it deserves, enjoy this video for “The Hill Pt 1.”