Top Ten Songs: Ben Folds (Five)


I’m going to see Ben Folds Five tomorrow night, and I wanted to post something about his music. It seemed redundant to post about the new live album, Ben Folds Five Live, that just came out since I’ll be reviewing the actual show. I will note, however, that if you’ve never seen Folds solo or with his band, they do a good job of conveying the energy that most fans associate with the artist. This will be my sixth time seeing Folds-the second with his original band. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with any of the shows. Folds is a genius when it comes to pop music, and he’s equally talented as a performer as he is a writer. It’s a challenge to narrow it down to ten songs since I’ve been a fan since high school, but here goes nothing. (This list will span both his solo discography, and with the band)

10. “Kate”-Ben Folds Five-Whatever & Ever Amen

9. “Still Fighting It”-Ben Folds-Rockin’ The Suburbs (crowd singing in this video sounds so good! how come I never stand next to anyone who can carry a tune?)

8. “There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You”-Ben Folds-Sunny 16

7. “Army”-Ben Folds Five-The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner

6. “Landed”-Ben Folds-Songs For Silverman

5. “One Dwarf And Two Hundred Solemn Faces”-Ben Folds Five-Whatever & Ever Amen

4. “Jackson Cannery”-Ben Folds Five-Ben Folds Five

3. “Jesusland”-Ben Folds-Songs For Silverman

2. “Philosophy”-Ben Folds Five-Ben Folds Five

1. “Song For The Dumped”-Ben Folds Five-Whatever & Ever Amen

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