Sunday Catch Up-Music Submissions I Have Not Reviewed


There’s been a lot of stuff flying under the radar this summer, as I’ve been focusing more on hitting live shows and enjoying the outdoors when it isn’t raining or a million degrees. I didn’t want to deprive you of all the good music you may not find on your own, so I’m posting some here for you to listen and make your own judgements-you’re all smart, kind, attractive people who don’t need me to tell you if something is good or not! I do appreciate that you allow me to do so, though. These cover a few different genres, so keep an open mind and enjoy.

Rocket & The Ghost-“Goodbye”

Ghost Pal-“Circle”

Prevrat-“Sal Makesala”

The Last Royals-“I Hate California”

The Ewing Theory-“Nadine”

The Gold Web-“Stay Cool”


The Whiskey Collection-“Liza Jane”

One thought on “Sunday Catch Up-Music Submissions I Have Not Reviewed

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