Phedre-“Ancient Nouveau”


In accordance with my ongoing effort to always be two days behind Consequence Of Sound, I would like to introduce you to Phedre. You probably already know front man Daniel Lee from Hooded Fang. With this project, he and Hooded Fang bassist April Aliermo team up with some friends to take a turn away from aggressive guitar rock toward beats and vocal loops. I actually had a chance to hear the whole record, which comes out in October, and they do some pretty cool things musically. “Ancient Nouveau” is a great introduction to get you ready for the October 1st release of Golden Age.

I really like the way that Dan and April’s voices weave in and out of the music. The song was written in protest to the Canadian governments poor treatment of First Nations persons, but that information isn’t necessary to grasp the message. The lyrics may have a specific purpose, but the music transports the words to an interstellar plane where they become universal.

If you dig this one, you’re really going to love Golden Age. Phedre is currently across the pond for some shows, and then Dan and April reconvene with Hooded Fang for a European tour that takes them through September. If there are any tour dates announced for 2013 in North America, I assume they will fall after the October 1 release date.

Here’s an added bonus to get you excited-the crazy video for “Infinity Chamber,” which kicks off the album!

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