Peoples Temple Of America-Mark Gonzalez (VIDEO)


When I opened up my email and saw something in my inbox from PTA, I assumed it was Paul Thomas Anderson finally replying to all of the great ideas for movies I’ve been sending him (Daniel Day-Lewis plays a mild-mannered music blogger who has to save the world for some reason-GOLD!). Turns out it’s a Chicago punk band called Peoples Temple Of America. After my initial disappointment I checked out the video they sent over, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

“Mark Gonzalez” is built on some sunny surf punk, so I thought now would be a good time to share it as we wind down the summer here in the Windy City. The video features a lot of skateboarding, and like all skateboarding videos it has a lot of tricks that don’t work out. It also features a guy rolling a joint on top of Titus Andronicus’s The Monitor-I’m not one for the ganj, but if I was I couldn’t think of a better record to prepare my marijuana cigarette.

From the video and the email I received, I assume these are pretty good guys. You can check out their bandcamp where you’ll find this song, an EP, and a full-length. If you dig what you hear, check out their Facebook page for upcoming shows and any other pertinent info.

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