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Whenever you hear a married couple playing music together, it usually goes one of two ways-one person is far more talented and makes the other sound like a tag-a-long, or they compliment each other in a way that makes the music feel very intimate and real. Heather and Nick Leo, the duo that formed In Rooms, feel very much in sync as they weave their voices through the eight songs on the new album, The Night Has Come.

Released a little over a month ago, The Night Has Come acts as a kind of travelogue with each song finding it’s origins in a different exotic location. It’s bookended by nights at the Copa Cabana, and in between we get flavors from Portugal and France, among others. It’s a very unassuming record, one that does not necessarily require your full attention to be enjoyed, but rewards it when given.

Their music reminds me a lot of another couple making music together, Tennis. In Rooms has a bit more international flair, but their aim seems to be the same more often than not. On “Wilderness” Nick sings above a sixties garage beat that takes a great leap when a horn section joins in. I would have never expected this song to follow the much more quiet and solemn opener, and it’s that kind of unpredictability that I find endearing about The Night Has Come.

Something for everyone can be found in the songs here, whether you love the Celtic vibe on “Dove” or the straight-ahead Shondells sound on “Water Fish,” The Leo’s have done a great job of mixing it up and keeping it fresh from track to track. The one place I think they make a misstep is on the final song, “The Silence.” It opens with Heather singing sweetly to herself about the complications that come along with a relationship. Then Nick comes in for the second verse, and it just feels a bit off. His singing is fine, and I like his voice on other songs, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Take a listen and judge for yourself. Maybe I’m just crazy.

You can pick up a copy of The Night Has Come as a digital download or CD on Bandcamp for $7.

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