The Summervilles-12 Ways To Fuck Up Before Breakfast


The Summervilles came out guns blazing when they released their first songs in 2011 and two years later they still haven’t run out of ammo. The punk band from Melbourne Australia takes a good bit of influence from American bands like The Thermals, but put their own spin on the genre. 12 Ways To Fuck Up Before Breakfast isn’t quite as rough as their two earlier releases, but it’s certainly not a slick mainstream album. I had no idea there was a punk scene in Melbourne. In fact, I have very little knowledge of anything in Melbourne. If this music is any indication, it seems like a place I would enjoy.

I was sold from the first beat of “Sudden Death Casino.” The thrashing guitar and drum come in like a much-needed smack in the face. The song never relents, keeping up the breakneck pace from beginning to end, the only person ever taking a breather is the singer. The harmonies at the end come out of nowhere, but kind of make the song for me-this juxtaposition of aggressive guitars and sweet pop is really something.

Toward the end of the record there’s a great piece that trades in some of the speed for earnest songwriting. “I Will Hold It True” is a nice change up, but it still feels like it fits in with the rest of the songs. The band has an affinity for Ted Leo, and it’s never more apparent than here.

This record came out back in Septmeber, and you can grab it for 7 Australian Dollars (I don’t t know the exchange rate) on Bandcamp. If you do purchase, your money will also go toward a 12″ vinyl that will be published at some point. Here’s a cool video from earlier in their career that gives you a pretty good idea of their energy.

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