Windy City Rock Presents: An Intuit Benefit Show At Empty Bottle 12/8/2013


I’m not one to read other music websites. I don’t know why, but since I started writing myself I felt the need to separate myself from everything else so that my opinions and thoughts are completely my own. So, other than reading a review on Pitchfork just so I can take some snooty jabs at it on Twitter, I really don’t look at anything else. That isn’t to say I don’t know they exist, I’m certainly aware of the hundreds of websites dedicated to music in the Chicago area. I say all this because I’m as shocked as you are that I’m promoting an event that another website is putting on. I’ve heard Windy City Rock does good work though (and my interactions with the writers there, though brief, have always been very nice) and the money is going to a great place called Intuit: The Center For Intuitive And Outsider Art.

Intuit has been around for over 20 years, housed in the River West neighborhood. As the only American non-profit dedicated solely to self-taught and outsider art, the group is critical in supporting the creative people who like to think outside the box. Their permanent collection alone includes 1,100 pieces of art, and they have much more to offer. On top of exhibiting sculptures and paintings you won’t see anywhere else, they also offer classes that cover photography, poetry, as well as arts like drawing and sculpture.

If giving money to a great cause isn’t your jam, how about just paying $8 to see some great bands, to hell with where the money goes? If that sounds more like a good time then you’re in luck because Windy City Rock has put together a cool lineup of experimental groups to rock Empty Bottle.

Crown Larks play a whirring kind of psych-rock and drone made even more interesting by Lorraine Bailey’s flute and clarinet additions. You can check out their 7-track album Catalytic Conversion on Bandcamp.

I just watched a live video of Mako Sica playing at Permanent Records back in 2009, and that is one crazy stage show. Just watching those guys contort and force their instruments into sounds they don’t normally make is a lot of fun.

DJPTSD is a group featuring members of ONO, a performance/art rock group that’s been in Chicago for a few decades now and the original members show no sign of slowing down.

The final act set to play Sunday is The Humminbird, one of Chicago Reader’s Best of 2013. Muyassar Kurdi is the brain behind the songs (and Beyond The Orchard‘s sole player), but she’s found the collaborative spirit and is now working with some other musicians to add to the sound.

Honestly, it’s not like you have anything better to do on Sunday night anyway. Plus it’s the holidays! Don’t you want to get in the spirit early and help out a great cause? Be at Empty Bottle at 7pm on the 8th with your $8 in hand (as long as you’re 21 or older). Make sure you say hi to the Windy City Rock team and thank them for putting together such a lovely evening.

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