H.D. Harmsen-Song For Judy (Video Premiere)


Early this morning I got an email from H.D. Harmsen asking if I’d like to premiere his video for “Song For Judy.” His album had it’s debut on Paste Magazine’s website. A step down today, for sure, but I’m thrilled that he asked me. If you don’t know Harmsen, he had his hand in a couple of my favorite albums last year. His own release Papoose came out early and stuck with me through the year, and he arranged the strings on Gloom Balloon‘s amazing record that came out at the end of the year and ended up in my top ten.

On top of that, this video is just really cool. It reminds me of the picture in The Shining. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. The song itself is a beautiful little tune that comes at a point in Papoose where things slow way down. It’s a nice three song break that starts with “Strawberries and Milk” and concludes with “Song For Judy.” It could be it’s own EP, really.

Patrick Tape Fleming is the man behind the camera, and he’s become quite the auteur filming videos for a lot of the Maximum Ames Records bands. I like that it’s all one shot, with the camera doing most of the moving, rolling at high speed to give it that slow, dreamlike feeling. They shot this one back-to-back with the “Teetotaler” video, using all the same actors here in different roles, including Harmsen himself as a clown.

Check it out below. If you like the video/song, head over to Maximum Ames Records website and pick up a copy. If you want to hear more before you buy, Papoose is streaming on Spotify. I’ll be back again next Friday with another unreleased video for Harmsen’s song “I Still Believe In You.”

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