H.D. Harmsen-I Still Believe In You (Video Premiere)


As promised it’s been one week since I premiered a new video for a H.D. Harmsen song, and I’m back with another one. This clip for “I Still Believe In You,” directed by Alex Kelly, couldn’t be more different from the video for “Song For Judy.” It captures the feel of the song just the same though.

The grainy super 8 footage gives the video a worn, old-timey aesthetic while Harmsen and his female co-star play their roles like a couple in a romantic comedy montage set to BJ Thomas. I especially like the shot at the end where the two are just standing there holding sparklers. The thing about sparklers is that they burn bright and beautiful, but after a while they die out. It’s a great way to end a video for a song about remembering past love.

Both videos that have premiered here on Music.Defined. come from H.D. Harmsen’s latest album Papoose. You can stream it on Spotify, or you can just buy yourself a copy here and check out the video for “Song For Judy” here.

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