The last time we checked in with Bummer, they had a new video starring Allison Scagliotti for their song “Low.” Now they’re back with a new single ahead of their self-titled EP coming out April 8th, and it couldn’t be more different. While “Low” was a more ambient tune that built on a beat and vocals, “wayisound” is a grungy rocker filled with guitars and dark thoughts.

It starts as a sort of alt-country tune with a meandering rhythm guitar. It doesn’t seem like anything special until some production tricks kick up and the song gets weird in a hurry.

I’ve been waiting to hear more from the band for a while now. While I liked “Low,” this song fits a bit better with how I imagined their album would sound. It continues the current trend of 90’s grunge returning to the forefront of rock music, while blending in some more modern ideas as well. So it’s the best of both worlds!

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