Night Terrors Of 1927 At Schubas 4/2/2014


Last night I had the pleasure of checking out one of the best bands to emerge from 2013, Night Terrors Of 1927. Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley and Jarrod Gorbel of Honorary Title have joined forces to create some extraordinary pop anthems already, and they’ve only released a five-song EP called Guilty Pleas. I was a big fan of that EP, ranking it #19 on my top 25 of 2013, so I was more than a little excited to check them out at one of Chicago’s finest small clubs Schubas.

By the time I got there it was already a little packed and Night Terrors were setting up for their spot. I already knew that I was going to watch them and then take off, and I was surprised to hear a few people around me had the same idea. The Colourist are the headliners on this tour, but it was clear that Night Terrors Of 1927 were at least an equal draw.


The band started up around 9 and finished by 9:30, so the set was short and sweet. They managed to play pretty much the whole EP, including my favorite song from it “Fall Into You,” and also some new material that’s definitely got me excited for the full-length they’ll put out later this year. Blake and Jarrod slowed things down a bit from the synth/guitar driven dance pop and played a really pretty ballad together:

The duo have surrounded themselves with a great band including Lauren Willow White on keys and backing vocals, Jack Lawless (Jonas Brothers?) on drums, and a rockin’ bass player whose name I do not know. They make up a no-nonsense band who play to have fun but also take their craft very seriously.


It was nice that the crowd was really into it right from the start, singing along with “Smoke Signals” and “Dust And Bones.” I have never heard their songs on the radio, so these people sought out Night Terrors Of 1927 and they’re all amazing for it. If you’d like to check out the songs for yourself, you can stream them on Spotify or just pick it up from iTunes.

If you’d like to see more photos from the show, check out the album on our Facebook page