HANNAH-“Brym Al Mar”


I love orchestral strings. Violin and cello are my two favorites, but I can get down with some viola and harp as well. It’s amazing how few people are known for their work on these instruments compared to the ones you find in traditional rock and pop music like guitar, piano, or drums. Hannah Thiem (she cuts the last name for stage use), is an accomplished player and producer who is about to debut her first solo EP called Brym later this spring. She weaves several interesting elements throughout this four and a half minute instrumental, with clever use of production to make it more than a run-of-the-mill violin solo.

There’s a blend of different cultures in the song that really adds to the depth of the music. It’s based on a Norwegian folk song, but includes sounds you may recognize from celtic and middle eastern artists. When the electronic element kicks in, it really pulses and drives the tension. At any second I’m expecting to hear Jack Bauer scream and shots begin to fire. The final minute of the song covers the aftermath, and it’s a quiet reflection on what just occurred. It’s a remarkable little piece that I think any music fan can enjoy.