Vintage Blue-No Going Back EP


One of my favorite live acts in Chicago is Vintage Blue. They always put on a great, energy-filled show that leaves me smiling. Tomorrow night they’ll be headlining Metro to celebrate the release of their new EP, No Going Back.

The new EP trades in some of those howling guitars from Strike The Mics for a warmer, quieter sound. Ben Bassett still rips a couple solos, but the main focus is melody and lyric over raw power. The result is a record that washes over you with sweet harmony while it keeps your toes tapping to the rhythm. The songwriting has definitely taken a step forward, and the new name of the game is restraint and Vintage Blue plays it perfectly.

A couple of these songs I’ve heard live and knew I’d like them, but the production on No Going Back is top-notch and really adds some polish so they sparkle like they should. Nowhere is that more apparent than the vocal-heavy “Remember.” The main vocal and harmonies are pushed way out front, but they don’t drown out the other instruments. Rather they find a great balance that makes it one of the easiest songs to enjoy. There’s a soft sweetness to it that really exemplifies the personality of the band.

If you aren’t familiar with Vintage Blue, there’s no better time to get acquainted than at a live show. You can check them out tomorrow night, May 2nd, at Metro in Chicago (along with The Future Laureates, The Ivorys, and Mike Golden). If you’re not in the area, check out their website for more tour dates. No Going Back is now available on Amazon and iTunes, as well as streaming on Spotify.

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