Deap Vally-“Bad For My Body” Video

I try to avoid writing about albums or artists that everyone is already writing about (beautifully illustrated by my two articles on Conor Oberst over the past couple weeks). So, when Sistrionix came out a little under a year ago, I gave it a quick listen and didn’t really pay any more attention. I saw Deap Vally was being written up everywhere, with big and small publications paying equal respect to the rock duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards.

It wasn’t until months later that I decided to give it another chance, after the dust had settled and it had been universally acclaimed. Turns out it’s a pretty cool record, almost a companion piece to Japandroids great Celebration Rock album. It’s all hard-drinking, hard-livin’ badass attitude with little mind paid to aesthetic. Even though they’re from Los Angeles, they have a great Detroit garage rock sound, and none of that sunny disposition you get from a lot of California bands.

They’re playing some shows opening for Band Of Skulls, including this Thursday at Park West. Here’s a video for the single “Bad For My Body” that they released a while back. If you dig it, go check out ticket availability and grab Sistrionix from iTunes!

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